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java (j2me) app development services in delhi

Java (J2ME) application Software developer company based in Delhi ncr.

Java (J2ME) Platform is Java Micro Edition/Java ME and is designed for embedded systems like mobile devices, PDAs & other Hardware Devices. Java j2me Platform is developed by Sun MicroSystems (Now acquired by Oracle Corp). Java (J2ME) Platform has full support for all Java archive Appliations.

With 2.1 billion+ Java j2me supported mobile phones, PDAs & other Hardware Devices one can imagine the number of users a java application can touch. It is mainly supported by Nokia's Series 40 UI Devices, Samsung Bada OS and Symbian OS, Windows CE. For Windows Mobile, Maemo, MeeGo and Android it is available for separate download.

Best of class Tech Guys, Developers & Designers team up for java (j2me) app development in our company based in delhi ncr, so each and every Application Software is Unique and Class Apart.

We develop custom Java j2me application for mobile phones and PDAs. If you had already had developed an app for any other Platform, your can use application developed for Java (J2ME) for the same reason and Purpose.

Have Java (J2ME) app developed for your Idea or Business.

Java is Everywhere so is the compatibility of its java j2me developed apps. Additionally having Open source the development cost for businesses is very low. Java (J2ME) applications are vastly distributed in various Mobile apps Stores as well as vendors. Even in Corporate applications java is widely used as java j2me supports a large number & Variety of handsets with different form and . With our Vast custom java (j2me) app development experience, we help you to make your Idea from dream to Reality, Give us chance.

What about an Java (J2ME) Game developed?

We are into java (j2me) game development also, well experienced create a great Game.

Mobile Smartphone Software for iphone, android, blackberry & various Operating System Environments

We Design & Develop Mobile Application Softwares for platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, MeeGo, Blackberry, Java(j2me), Cross Platform, QT etc. Both Web based & Remote Installable Application Softwares.
Para Digital Technologies has expertise in custom mobile application software development. We are major Mobile OS & Smartphone Platforms software solution provider in delhi ncr. We provide unmatched cost effective mobile smartphone application software development service company in delhi ncr to help our clients achieve their aim of engaging and attracting more customers. We follow the highest standards in the industry for engineering process, product quality, delivery and support.

Want an Java (J2ME) App Developed ??

Have a Java (J2ME) app development idea or Need Business Quality Java (J2ME) app developed we can provide our Large experience & technical expertise to help you succed in your idea or grow your Business.
Just drop in a mail at info @ paradigital or Fill in Enquiree Form here for a free quote.

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