Mozilla “Firefox OS” Announced!!

Remember the Geeky Name “Boot to Gecko“??

Mozilla’s upcoming Operating System Boot to Gecko has been Re-Branded or Re-Named as Firefox OS.

Mozilla announced that It will be released in Early 2013, in Brazil.

Mozilla Firefox OS

According to Mozilla It will major Web Standards like HTML5 etc to fulfill the OS’s aim of having “The Web as the platform for Mobile Devices”. So you can Guess HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, JavaScript will play a Major Role.

Imagine HTML5 Games, Apps to be the Driving Engine of the OS. Awesome-est User Experience. Deep access to Device Hardware related Services, well of-course there will be a ‘hardware abstraction layer’ present (codenamed “Gonk”). Light weight Applications. Most of the Apps to be Platform Independent (Working with rest of them to find a way 😉 ).

1st Device featuring Firefox OS will be probably by TCL Communication Technology (Alcatel, One Touch brand) & ZTE (what?? china??).

For Developers:
You have bright future if you are having HTML5 canvas Skills.

Appreciate it:
The Architecture behind this to-be Fabulous OS is such that every Phone Feature Application including calling, SMS, camera, bluetooth, USB, NFC, Games etc., will all be a “HTML5 Application”. Amazing??

Our Stand: It will be a Big Hit!! and Google Android Watchout.

Best of Luck Mozilla!!
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