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Jolla previews Meego based Sailfish OS

Today Jolla Presented Previews to UI of Meego Sailfish OS, Explains its Features Briefly. With a motto of ‘Do. Unlike.‘ and tweets like ‘2013 will not be like 2013‘. Jolla Mobile is a Finnish Startup and most of its founders are Meego Project People working under Nokia. 2013 will not be …

Mozilla “Firefox OS” Announced!!

Remember the Geeky Name “Boot to Gecko“?? Mozilla’s upcoming Operating System Boot to Gecko has been Re-Branded or Re-Named as Firefox OS. Mozilla announced that It will be released in Early 2013, in Brazil. According to Mozilla It will major Web Standards like HTML5 etc to fulfill the OS’s aim of having “The …

Wikipedia Platform + Google Funded Database = Wikidata

Wikimedia Foundation Owner of the Giant & Most Knowledgeful Body on Earth “Wikipedia“, is now Working on another to be a Milestone Project called WikiData. Wikimedia Foundation announced the new project at February’s Semantic Tech & Business Conference in Berlin. With the Words saying Wikidata is a new effort to …



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